Willow Room April 2018

Posted on Apr 14, 2018 in .MSR Communications, Willow Toddler Room News

Happy Spring! I love Winter and what it has to offer but I’m totally excited for all the wonderful outdoor excursions my toddler friends will enjoy. We will be spending a lot of time outside which means it is time to send in sunblock, rain coats, and rain boots. We also enjoy lunches outside and take long walks along our gardens. This is our muddy time of the year, and yes, toddlers love mud and dirt. We encourage them to explore and we will not stop them from jumping in puddles and playing in the mud. Please remember to send extra clothes weekly.

“The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes.” -Unknown

The classroom has evolved into such a wonderful toddler environment. They are now serving their own snacks and pouring from glass pitchers like pros. Please make sure you are sending a school appropriate healthy lunch with a main dish, fruit and/or vegetable. Water is always provided.  Juice drinks or sugary snacks/treats are not advised, as we eat lunch right before nap. Please save these items for home.

Last but not least, please send my friends in with shoes they can put on by themselves. Shoe laces are a hazard because they become untied, where the toddlers can trip, fall, or have difficult times during the toilet training process. Independence is our overall goal.


-Ms. Becky