Truly Montessori


Montessori kids are smart.  They are thinkers, explorers, humanitarians, social activists, environmentalists and more.  They are not smart because they get straight A’s in school, they are smart because they know how to solve problems.  They are smart because they understand that the answer is not always inside the box.  They are smart because they respect their community, and understand that teamwork is essential in groups.  They are smart, because they don’t compete, they excel, and they want everyone to excel with them.  They don’t want to be better then their peers, they just want to be their best self.

In a society looking to raise geniuses, schools nationwide are modifying the Montessori Approach, developing stricter academic goals.  This can be done successfully, by extracting only the academic portions of the program, and making sure the children complete the tasks according to their teachers schedule.  Maria Montessori scientifically created an entire curriculum of hands on manipulative works that promote children’s natural abilities to write, read, do arithmetic and geometry, geography and science younger and at more advanced levels, so yes it can be done.

But more importantly, it can be done to PERFECTION, when using the Montessori Method in its entirety.  Through her understanding of the genuine nature of children, Maria Montessori also designed the work to be self-motivating and self-correcting.  Because of this, the children learn and explore independent of the teacher, which places the teacher into the important role of observer and silent conductor; who plants seeds, encourages growth and ensures that your child experiences the entire classroom, while respecting his interests and his intellect.  She will know that when your child is steeped in Math, that she can whisper a thought that will inspire the child to write down a story about Johnny who went apple picking to collect 1 million apples for the town, connecting language to the Math that they love.  And they are thrilled with the idea and do it. And do it beyond any expectation of their teacher, taking a seed and planting garden.

The children’s thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and the classroom is an open palate for them to explore.  In a true Montessori classroom, children love what they are doing and they are learning.  Not memorizing and computing, but Learning, Understanding and Exploring.  They are also, teaching, encouraging and inspiring their peers.  At The Montessori School Rochester, we vow to educate the whole of your child and support him in achieving his highest accomplishments, Social, Emotionally and Academically.