Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence. 

A secure and comfortable home-away-from-home, cozy surroundings and a caring staff involve your child in a day full of creative and stimulating activities. A well designed curriculum incorporates all areas of growth: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.  

Each classroom is a specially prepared environment designed to meet the needs of our youngest students, allowing them to become independent and engaged learners, while encouraging movement, exploration and socialization. Toddlers have a genius capacity for mental absorption and are encouraged to quietly and intently explore and discover. The classroom is filled with beautiful materials that satisfy the young toddler’s natural inclination toward exploration. They not only have the freedom to explore, but the ability to do so, independently and successfully.

In the Toddler Community we work on:

  • Language Development

    - communication and vocabulary

  • Socialization 

    - referred to as Grace and Courtesy
  • Movement

    - fine and large motor skills
  • Practical Life

    - food preparation and care of the classroom environment
  • Functional Independence 

    - care of oneself and bathroom independence