Things To Know

Helpful things to know to stay informed.

Elementary Supply List
Infant / Toddler Supply List 
Primary Supply List

1. MSR follows the Avondale School District for school closings and/or delays due to inclement weather/snow days.  If Avondale is listed, MSR is also closed. Check for school closings. 

2.  MSR uses Remind to communicate to all parents at once about closures, changes to scheduled events, etc.  If you’re not set up with Remind, see the instructions below and call the office for the code.

3.  Red Friday Folders are the primary means of communication about your child from their teachers.  They are sent home every Friday with communications about your child’s week, important forms, updates, etc.  If you do not see a red folder from your child on Friday, contact your child’s teacher immediately.

4.  MSR sends emails to parents.  If you’re not getting emails, contact the office immediately to update your information.

5.  The MSR PTO meets the second Tuesday of every month from 5-6pm in the conference room.  All parents are automatically members of the PTO and all are welcome to share ideas in these open meetings.

6.  Each family is called upon to log 12 total hours of volunteering with the school or PTO and help fundraise $150.00 for the school year.  Families who choose to forgo volunteering or fundraising may contact the office for billing options.  (Participating in the Elementary Friday pizza fundraiser is an easy way to get this done)

7.  Missing an item?  Check the lost and found basket located to the left of the mural in the front lobby.

Other ways of keeping in touch

    1. Facebook MSR Families Only page
      • Where:
      • What:  Parent messages, questions and answers, classroom videos, event pictures, school and PTO functions and events, program reminders, more fun stuff.
      • Who:  ONLY parents/guardians and members of the immediate MSR community may join.  Requests to join must be approved.
    2. Sandwich Board at Entrance
      • Where:  Under the tree at the entrance of the school in pickup/dropoff line
      • What:  Brief upcoming events/reminders
      • When:  When events are upcoming
    3. The MSR, PTO, and Elementary field trip calendar
        • Where:
        • What:  In school, off campus student and family events, Elementary field trips



      1. Know code
        • Please call the MSR office for the code
      2. Join a class to get text notifications:
        • Get text notifications:
          Participants text a unique class code to a Remind phone number.  Remind number is 81010. For example, if you wanted to join a class with the class code @office, you would text @office to 81010.

      3. To make it easier: 
        • Get mobile app notifications.
          Download the mobile app for iOS and Android devices and create a new account (or log in if you already have one.) To join a class, tap the by Classes Joined and either join with your class code or search for your class. You’ll automatically get app notifications.
        • Get email notifications.
          • Join online:
            Visit and enter the class code and your email address.
          • Join from your inbox: 
            Send a blank email to (If the class code were @math, for example, you’d send a blank email to You’ll get a response with more instructions.