Sunflower Room April 2018

Posted on Apr 14, 2018 in .MSR Communications, Sunflower Toddler Room News

April 2018 Sunflower Room Newsletter

Happy Spring everyone! We are anxiously waiting for the warm air and sunshine to move in to entice the grass to turn green and flowers to grow! Our toddlers’ little bodies are bursting with energy and the need to run, jump and climb. We have noticed a few tiny plants peaking cautiously out in the garden beds on our weekly walks around the school. Our friends are growing, too! We are observing them eagerly jumping in to assist with daily activities and routines.

Language skills are progressing well with practice from naming objects and actions, singing songs and finger plays, reading books and insightful conversations together.  Older toddlers are assisting younger ones after observing staff modeling techniques. It is truly inspiring to turn around and see one toddler leading another to a work space, circle time or offering a  gentle hug to a friend who may have tumbled over.

Things to do at home:
Gently encourage participation with daily activities by, asking child to use their strong arms to help pick up or carry items to appropriate places. Show gentle interest/concern in materials or areas that need your attention, to peak child’s interest to help . Talk to child about what they are doing, to encourage language skills. Consistency and routines are great ways to help avoid power struggles and remind children what expectations are.

Classroom needs:
Sunflower seeds
Potting soil
Small seedling pots/trays
Extra wipe packages
Small paper plates
5oz. Dixie paper cups

Thank you!! Ms. Tina and friends!