Sunflower News March 5, 2018

Posted on Mar 5, 2018 in .MSR Communications, Violet Primary Room News

Sunflower News March 5, 2018
Good day to you all MSR families! We are excited to report that toddler-land in the sunflower room is MARCHIing in the right direction. Each of our little friends are showing exciting progress in many areas of development.

Through daily conversations, reading books and singing songs together, language skills are sprouting. “Please use you words” is a common phrase you will hear often in our community.

We have been strengthening  our muscles with lots of physical activities like carrying various objects from one place to another. Jumping, bending, marching and rocking are also part of our daily routine during  circle time. Climbing is another favorite adventure right now on the playground and in the gymnasium. Just a few months ago some our friends were quite wobbly just walking across the floor. We now have runners, climbers, kickers and tumblers racing around the room!

Several of our friends are also working really hard on toilet learning. Dressing and undressing are big tasks to master for tiny hands  and wiggly little feet and legs. We have a hand washing station setup near our potties and it is a favorite activity. Each of them know the sequence of steps needed to complete the hand washing process without much assistance now. Self care skills and taking care of our classroom are practiced daily.

Thank you very much the awesome support each of you have shown in supplying our weekly snacks. Their little tummies greatly appreciate your efforts! This is another material we use by introducing foods some children may not have tried yet. Eating together with peers often helps encourage reluctant friends to taste a new foods. We enjoy discovering whether something is soft or crunchy, sweet or salty, juicy or cold!

Keep encouraging conversations, allowing time for independence and remember to make memories by stopping momentarily and observe how much your child has grown in such a short time.

Peace, Ms. Tina