Spring Fundraisers: “Clean and Refresh”

Posted on Apr 17, 2018 in Blog, PTO Blog, Volunteer Opportunities

Spring Fundraisers: “Clean and Refresh”

The MSR PTO invites you to “Clean and Refresh” and support a very important cause at the same time.

This spring The MSR PTO will be sponsoring a fundraising sale featuring Young Living essential oils, Norwex cleaning and home goods from Yankee Candle. The money generated through this fundraising drive will directly support our children by helping send dedicated MSR assistant guides to become Montessori Certified guides.

Your support with this fundraiser, whether large or small, will have a direct impact and is incredibly meaningful and also counts towards your own personal volunteer hours fundraising dollars.

If you find something that you like and would purchase anyway, please consider purchasing through this fundraiser.

Please take a quick moment to look at the attached information or direct links to each of the sales, and if you feel comfortable in doing so, share it with friends, family and co-workers.


YOUNG LIVING: http://www.youngliving.com for natural cleaners and essential oils.  15% of sales comes directly to our effort.

In order to track purchases to support the MSR PTO, please indicate either of the following YL independent distributor/consultant numbers:
Sarah Markiewicz: #3939869  or

Melissa Pan Wang: #3547507

NORWEX  http://lisaruppel.norwex.biz/en_US/customer/shop for Norwex cleaning supplies.  15% of sales comes directly to our effort.

Sale Ends 4/27/2018.

YANKEE CANDLE  https://www.yankeecandlefundraising.com 40% of sales comes directly to our effort.

Use group id:  999981586
Sale Ends 05/08/2018

Be on the lookout for a Yankee Candle catalog that you may use to browse products or place an order if you choose not to do so online.  Your products and those you have sold will be delivered to the school and distributed directly to you.

Yankee Candle offers lunch totes and containers (that Primary students can open on their own), home and garden and much more than just candles.  This is more of a traditional fundraiser where prizes are available for individuals who choose to sell.


  1. Read through the Yankee Candle ordering/selling directions.
  2. Please fill out order forms completely and use the enclosed collection envelope.
  3. Please re-check the order form to make sure the money collected is correct.
  4. Please return the order form to the school with payment. (to the PTO mailbox)
  5. Personal checks, bank checks and money orders must be made out to: “The MSR PTO
  6. All cash must be in the exact amount only. Please do not add sales tax.
  7. Return all order forms and payment by 05/08/2018. Unfortunately, late orders cannot be filled.
  8. Orders placed by paper order form will be shipped and distributed at the school. You will receive and distribute all in-person orders that you made sales for.  (all orders placed online are shipped directly to the address specified by the purchaser.)

If participating in sales, please remember:  Never allow children to solicit orders alone. They should always be in the company of a trusted and responsible adult.