Volunteer Opportunities and Happenings

Volunteering at MSR

Each MSR family will need to volunteer a total of 12 hours during the school year through either the school or through Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) opportunities. Each family will keep track of their own hours on the Volunteer Timesheet.

Did you know that others can volunteer on your behalf?  We’re a community which includes friends and the whole family!  Volunteers can log their hours and name a family in which to give the time credit.

Download the Volunteer Timesheet to log your volunteer hours and turn in at the MSR office.


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How do I get Involved?

  1. Check with your child’s teacher to see what help they may need in the classroom
  2. Email the PTO at pto@themsr.net
  3. Check out the opportunities to the right under “Volunteer Opportunities and Happenings” and sign up.



Team Chairs and Co-Chairs 2018-19

If you would like to be involved as a Team chair, co-chair or volunteer, simply email PTO@themsr.net

TEAM Activities/Events Team Chair/Co-Chair
Teacher Appreciation  Open Position
MSR Community Events
Trunk or Treat  Open Position
Valentine’s Day Event  Open Position
Communications Open Position
PTO Newsletter Open Position
Welcoming Open Position
Sunshine Sarah Craine
Yearbook Nikki Inglis
Box Tops Coordinator  Open Position
Gala Fundraising Event  Open Position
 Kids Fun Day (Color Run)  Open Position



Teams and Descriptions

MSR Community Events Team

Do you want to help out but can only commit to an hour here or an hour there?  Do you like coming up with fun party ideas and decorating?  Are you addicted to Pinterest?   THIS is the team for you!
This team covers virtually all of the FUN student and family-related PTO sponsored events. In other words, THIS is where all the fun is! It takes many volunteers to make these fun events, so sign up for helping brainstorm or set up or clean up after an event.  This team makes the events happen.

This team puts on events like:

  • Fall Family Fun Day
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Valentine’s Event

Yes! This sounds like fun! I will help!

Please contact the MSR PTO to sign up to help or chair an event! We’d love your help!

Welcoming Team

Help our families get and stay connected. This team puts out the family directory and keeps it updated with families that join during the school year. It also serves as a welcome point for new families to get aquainted and plugged in to the MSR community.

Sunshine Team

The Sunshine Team provides a small token of consideration when MSR staff members or MSR families are facing difficult or challenging times. The Sunshine Team will help spread sunshine in times of need, difficulty, or sorrow to members of the MSR community. Think meal trains, flowers, cards, and offering help and happiness!

Fundraising Team

One of the primary ways The MSR-PTO is able to give back and provide for the students of MSR is through our fundraising initiatives. Our major fundraiser is the National Children’s Day Festival in June, but also rely on the MSR community to participate  in the small fundraisers  and no-effort ongoing fundraisers we have such as:

  • Registering your Kroger card to support the Montessori School Rochester PTO
  • Registering with Amazon Smile to support the Montessori School Rochester PTO
  • Community “night out” events at participating restaurants and establishments

This team has sub-teams that do hold fundraising events within our local community like the Kids on the Go! event.

In the future, this team could also include grant writing and corporate fund-raising campaigns. the PTO sponsors several school-wide fundraising drives, and several community-wide fundraising events every year.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Team

This team is dedicated to giving back to our MSR teachers and staff in recognition of their dedication and tireless work of giving their all for our children. The team organizes some nice things for the teachers and staff throughout the year along with one big event during Teacher Appreciation Week. Volunteers are needed to organize, collect and distribute items to the teachers and staff.


This team works with the photo company to put together a yearbook as a reasonably-priced keepsake for our MSR students.

Communications Team

It is the sole purpose of this team to make sure that information reaches its intended audience: YOU! There are a number of places where information is posted, including the bulletin board outside the main office, the monthly newsletter, flyers sent home with children, emails sent through our PTO Manager System, the MSR Families only Facebook page, Remind, and of course, this website!