A secure and comfortable home-away-from-home, cozy surroundings and a caring staff involve your child in a day full of creative and stimulating activities. A well designed curriculum incorporates all areas of growth: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.



Our goal is to enable children to follow their greatest interests and to learn about their immediate world, at their own pace. In a school where “work” is play, every area in the classroom helps to build a strong foundation for math, logic and language as well as fine arts, science and geography in your child.



The elementary community is a comprehensive and perfectly suited environment for 6-12 year old. The students are intensely curious and very social. With a “let’s go find out!” attitude, children research answers to questions using classroom materials, the library and community resources.



Currently enrolled children, and alumni of all ages, can attend the summer program. During the summer, all classrooms continue to focus on a Montessori curriculum, as well as extensive summer enrichment activities, such as: exploration of nature, science experiments, fruit tasting, craft projects, and much more! 


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