Community Service


The aim of such an education indicates the desire to contribute to the good of all, to share in this cosmic goodness.”

—Maria Montessori

Philanthropy is one way in which people recognize their connection to each other, and such service to others is an important part of the Montessori philosophy. No matter what their interests or ages, all children can demonstrate generosity and recognize their connection to other people in their classroom and around the globe. As a school, we aim to serve those in our immediate neighborhood Greater Rochester, as well as members of our global community.

The Montessori School.Rochester each classroom community nurtures an ethic of caring. Generosity becomes unconscious – it is the connection that exists between all members of the group. It’s not a set of rules, but an attitude that is absorbed, a product of the experiences of everyday living. In addition, some classes undertake projects as their goals and interest may direct.